Cryo Bath

Cyro Bath


  • Purpose : To prepare cryo - precipitate in an accidental case.
  • 4.3” Touch screen for monitoring and controlling the temperature of the equipment.
  • Set Temperature is at +4°C.
  • Capacity of the equipment is 12 bags. There are two holders included to properly hold the plasma bags during the complete process.
  • External Housing made from galvanized sheet (rust proof) of 18 SWG, with grey, anti - scratch powder coating. Length of power cable, approx. 2 m.
  • Lockable Castor Wheels to lock the equipment in place without moving (optional).
  • Interior made from 304 grade 22 SWG stainless steel.
  • Interior consists of holders to hold plasma bags during the process.
  • Door stop on the right - hand side to stop the door from opening more than 100 - 110 degrees.
  • Forced water circulated cooling with submersible motor to continuously circulate water to keep constant cooling.
  • Flip Door PUF filled to prevent temperature loss.
  • Front door double Vacuum packed toughened glass.
  • Warning function with visual and audible alarm signal in the case of temperature deviations, cycle over.
  • Ventilation - enforced refrigerating machine, vibration free, hermetically sealed, energy saving, low noise, easy to service. Inlet air and exhaust air flow through the ventilation slits at the front and the back
  • Low - noise compressor reduces noise to a negligible range.

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