Refrigerated Centrifuge


  • Purpose : To separate Blood components from whole blood.
  • Floor standing refrigerated centrifuge for separation of components from whole blood.
  • Fully automatic with touch screen.
  • Programmable memory with tamper proof facility
  • Predefined program and parameter stored in the memory.
  • Stable, sturdy all-steel design with stainless steel rotor chamber, easy to clean, corrosion resistant paintings, provision of both drain and condensed water collection container.
  • Automatic lid lock.
  • Swing-out buckets, Swing-out rotors with metal buckets, with or without wind shielded, suitable adapters for 6/8/12 blood bags with SAGAM bag and empty satellite bags with In line filter system and, removable plastic cups to hold single/double/triple blood bags etc.
  • Temperature control, range:-20 ⁰C to +40 ⁰C in 0.1 °C increment, with micro processor controlled rotor temperature within 0.1 °C, regardless of centrifuge speed.
  • Digital display (real time and set target) of temperature, speed, acceleration time, deceleration time, real time and processing RCF with minimum no. of 3 digit resolution.
  • Programmable time: 0 minute to 99 hours with minimum resolution of 0.1 minute.
  • Front door double Vacuum packed toughened glass.
  • Warning function with visual and audible alarm signal in the case of power failure, temperature deviations, voltage fluctuation, door left open (after 60 seconds).
  • Battery backup^ for up to 36 hours for temperature and chart recording system.
  • Central Monitoring System compatible so that temperatures from all the equipment could be seen at one place.
  • Low-noise compressor reduces noise to a negligible range.

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