Blood Storage Cabinet BBR -80



Capacity 80 bags
Temperature Setting +4°C
Voltage 220 - 240 V, 50Hz
Overall Dimensions 24” x 28” x 54” (inches)
Interior Dimensions 17” x 21” x 28” (inches)
Starting/Running Current 3 A / 2 A
Ground Clearance 90 mm
Cool Down time (at full load) 3 hours
Hold Over time (at full load) 2 hours
Temperature Gradient # ±1°C
Catalog Number AIL - 20101



  • Automatically mails the digital circular chart at 3 e - mail IDs every weekend and can mail any time by using Manual Mail function.
  • In case of fault occurrence, a SMS is sent to a primary number, then he has to acknowledge the fault by using Acknowledge function, if he doesn’t acknowledge the fault then a SMS is sent to a higher authority.
  • GSM Module for alarm text message and e - mail forwarding about all the faults.
  • Port for Central Monitoring System for view- ing the temperatures of all the blood bank equipments at same place on 10.3” Touch Screen industrial computer.
  • USB port for chart downloading to pen drive*.

Contact Info:

Phone: +91-9694019100
31,Opp. Krishna Rolling Mill,
Jhotwara Industrial Area,
Jaipur-12 , Rajasthan ( INDIA)

Authentic Instrument